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With many years of experience in developing comprehensive training programs aimed at career growth and policy enablement, I bring a wealth of expertise to any organization. My journey includes serving as a trusted advisor for policy management and successfully advocating for impactful changes.

At Cloudflare, I was the pioneering Technical Trainer for over five years. My role was pivotal in creating and expanding various programs, including targeted initiatives, career-focused ongoing programs, and technical leadership development. I also managed instructor-led training for both internal employees and external partners across the North America (NAMER) region.

My ability to understand and connect with individuals is one of my key strengths. I am dedicated to supporting career growth and unlocking the potential of those I work with.

I was responsible for updating and maintaining wikis and runbooks, creating Learning Management System (LMS) courses, and providing policy advisory for the support team. My work always reflected an understanding of frontline support challenges.

I consistently engaged in learning, creating labs and training material, and managing projects to ensure the ongoing development of skills and knowledge within the team.

I oversaw new hires’ expectations, schedules, and key performance indicators (KPIs) during their initial three months, ensuring a smooth transition and integration into the organization.

Before transitioning to a training role, I was a Technical Support Engineer for two years. This position sharpened my skills in empathy, technical curiosity, and internet troubleshooting across various layers, with a particular specialization in security.

Running my own Hosting & Security company in the UK further enhanced my ability to understand and work with people. Building relationships and helping clients achieve their goals was both challenging and fulfilling, adding depth to my professional skill set.

Some Thoughts ¶

Throughout my career, I have demonstrated a consistent ability to support and develop individuals and teams. My technical expertise, combined with a deep understanding of people, positions me well to contribute effectively to leadership and team development.

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