Saving money with Bing

The new Bing is here. Using this is better than using Google … Yes, Bing is better than Google in many scenarios. In this post, I will detail a real-life usage of the new Bing

The example will include comparing pricing and information gathering to aid in purchasing decisions.

I was looking to get a lawnmower.

I started the usual, Google, and Amazon looking at the top ratings, prices, features etc.

Diving into manufactures websites looking at features, warranties and third-party reviews.

I found one that was fit for my use case and passed my checks. The Sun Joe MJ24C-14-XR

Then, I remembered, I had access to the new Bing ! How could I utilize it? I decided to open chat and ask Bing a simple question:

what is the cheapest price for the sun joe mj24c-14-xr

The response was helpful and concise, with price & sources on where Bing got the information if I wanted to dive into each source.

My second question was:

ok, please show me the other prices you found in a list.

Helpful information, in a list as requested. Showing multiple prices. It also matched what I did manually using Google.

So, Bing at the very least confirmed that I had the best deal at the exact time I looked.

So, you can and should add Bing to your arsenal when shopping online, you could even use it exclusively for your shopping experience, and you should be pleasantly surprised.

Ok, so maybe, the bot could have a bias toward certain e-commerce providers. That is why, at this time, I’d recommend using Bing as part of your purchasing decisions.

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