Fixing Bufferbloat

Read this short post regarding what Bufferbloat is and how it could affect your experience playing online games/video conferencing:

Bufferbloat, what is this?

Here are the results of the Bufferbloat Test by Waveform test before configuring QoS SQM:

An overall Bufferbloat grade of B is ok, but not what I want better!

As you can see the Unloaded test was great at 13ms but with the Download Active the average latency hit +47ms more in-depth showing of the test below:

Lower is KING when it comes to latency. You can see that under load the latency is on average 47ms more than with Unloaded which is bad in my opinion.

The Upload test appears to not impact Bufferbloat at all. +0ms as you can see above and detailed below:

You can view my full Bufferbloat results before QoS via the link below:

My bufferbloat result URL

So, here are my results after configuring QoS SQM:

And the score of A+ was achieved!

Unloaded test was great at 14ms here is where the differences lie compared to my before optimization result.

The network now only has a +3ms latency increase average on the Download Active result. Which is awesome! No more lag/latency should occur when there is a high download load.

The same +0ms on the Upload Active test as before optimization.

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