Hosting Hugo on Cloudflare Pages

My main website has had MANY iterations over the years. Like, probably 20+ in total. Find a new technology, use it, understand it, and deploy it. Rinse, repeat.

The site has been a node application I made for a fair while where I had a goal of creating some sort of CMS with no bloat. It worked well, it is a project I may go back to shortly as the possibilities are endless, this blog will follow that journey at a later date.

Hugo is a simple-to-implement yet extensive framework. It took me about half a day from beginning to end to get a Hugo website up on GitHub and then deployed to Cloudflare Pages.

Here is a link to their website: Hugo Site

I did this a bit backward, initially, I was going to host the Hugo on bare metal. Then I thought, does Cloudflare support this with the relatively new product Cloudflare Pages?

Deploying is kinda awesome. I have 2 branches, master & dev. I (naively) did not know that Cloudflare Pages would start a deployment on my test branch and place it in a “Preview” environment away from my main site. It did, giving it a unique subdomain to preview it, see below:

The journey continued and deployment was now just automated each time I pushed a change to the dev branch. My next post will be to have a dedicated subdomain of for the development site which is also protected by Cloudflare Access. That is what my next blog post on this topic will explore.

I will also have a post in the not-too-distant future outlining how I did the above, step-by-step.

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